Conscientious Objection in Turkey

Description and contents of the booklet

(15.05.2021) In Turkey, the first conscientious objectors publicly declared their objections in the early 1990s and stood up against war, the military and compulsory service. In the meantime, far more than 1,000 conscripts have declared their conscientious objections. Furthermore, hundreds of thousands have evaded military service, using other ways or hiding. Faced with prosecution, several hundred have sought asylum abroad. By now Turkey is the only member state in the Council of Europe that has not recognised the right to conscientious objection to military service.

This booklet is published 30 years after the first public declarations of conscientious objection. It takes stock, describes the solidarity work for the conscientious objection movement from abroad and gives a voice to conscientious objectors, some of whom were active in Turkey for years and have now gone into exile.

A publication to the International Day of Conscientious Objection in a quadrilingual online edition.



Introduction (...mehr)

Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe: To the situation of conscientious objectors in Turkey (...mehr)

Ercan Jan Aktaş: History of Conscientious objection in Turkey (...mehr)

Rudi Friedrich: Conscientious Objection and Asylum (...mehr)

Beran Mehmet İşçi: How is it to be a conscientious objector from Turkey in Europe? (...mehr)

Halil Savda: My experiences in the barracks (...mehr)

Mertcan Güler: It all started with the Gezi protests (...mehr)

Onur Erden: I refuse! (...mehr)

Franz Nadler: 25 years of solidarity with conscientious objectors from Turkey (...mehr)

Association for Conscientious Objection (...mehr)

About the Editors (...mehr)






Connection e.V., Union Pacifiste de France and War Resisters International: Publication "Conscientious Objection in Turkey", Offenbach/Main, Paris and London, May 2021

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