Conference Eritrea and the Ongoing Refugee Crisis. Brussels, October 19th, 2017
Konferenz Fluchtsituation Eritrea – kein Ende in Sicht?, Brüssel, 19. Oktober 2017 

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Demonstration in Frankfurt/Main

Eritrea: Unverminderte Menschenrechtsverletzungen

(12.03.2018) Wiederholt hat der Menschenrechtsrat “in schärfster Form” die “systematischen, weitverbreiteten und schweren Menschenrechtsverletzungen“ der eritreischen Regierung verurteilt. Der Rat verurteilte Verletzungen wie willkürliche Haft, Folter, sexuelle Gewalt, religiöse Verfolgung sowie die Verweigerung der Meinungs- und Versammlungsfreiheit. Der Rat hat auch schwere Bedenken erhoben gegen die unbefristete Wehrpflicht von eritreischen Staatsbürgern und die Verwendung von Wehrpflichtigen bei Zwangsarbeit.

Rallye in Frankfurt/Main

Eritrea: Rights Abuses Continue Unabated

(12.03.2018) Repeated Human Rights Council resolutions have condemned “in the strongest terms” the “systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations” by the Eritrean government.  The Council has condemned violations including arbitrary detention, torture, sexual violence, religious oppression, denials of the rights of free expression and peaceful assembly.  The Council has also expressed grave concern over the unlimited conscription of Eritrea’s citizens and the use of conscripts in forced labor. 

Demonstration in Frankfurt/Main 2009

Eritrean women: “Take Human Rights Abusers to International Criminal Court!”

(09.03.2018) Eritrean women and friends and supporters of Eritrea marched from the centre of the Dutch capital, Den Hague to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to demand justice for on the International Women’s Day.

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Protest Action in front of the Rwandan Embassy in Israel agsint planned deportations

Israel Appeals Tribunal Rules: Desertion from the Eritrean Military is a Valid Claim for Asylum

(15.02.2018) Following an appeal by the Clinic for Refugee Rights in Tel Aviv University, the Appeals Tribunal has ruled today that the appellant, an Eritrean national who had fled the Eritrean Military, has proven that: “There is a well-founded fear of persecution from the authorities of his home country due to a political opinion attributed to him as a result of his fleeing military service.”