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A Demand for Justice

Message of greeting to protest action in front of Canadian consulate in Düsseldorf

(09.12.2010) The American soldiers in Canada are on the front lines in the battle to stop American encroachment on the rights of the Individual. These people need to be applauded, not treated as though they are potential criminals. If it were up to the American Government, those Soldiers would be forced to take part in the stealing, Raping, and murdering that is going on throughout the world today.  It should not be a crime to have the integrity to say NO!

Canada: U.S. military deserters not saved by Liberal bill

(30.09.2010) A Liberal private member’s bill to grant U.S. military deserters permanent residency in Canada died at second reading Wednesday by a vote of 143 to 136. All Conservatives voted against Gerard Kennedy’s bill -- as did some of his Liberal colleagues -- while most opposition MPs supported it. The bill would have allowed all military deserters — not just those from the U.S. — to apply for permanent residence as conscientious objectors to armed conflicts not sanctioned by the United Nations.

Canada: Church of Misfits Harbors American War Resister

(21.09.2010) First United Church in East Vancouver describes itself as "a community at the margins." The surrounding neighborhood on East Hastings hosts perhaps the largest outdoor assemblage of addicts, pushers, prostitutes, and mentally-disturbed persons in North America. The church itself houses as many as three hundred homeless people a night.

First United also is the place of sanctuary for an American war resister, 32-year old Rodney Watson. Since he can be arrested by Canadian and US authorities if he ventures outside, for one year Watson has taken asylum from war in an asylum of homeless misfits.

Canada: Federal Court of Appeal rules in favour of Iraq War resister Jeremy Hinzman and family

Immigration Minister must act as directed by Parliament and let US resisters stay in Canada

(06.07.2010) Toronto—This afternoon the Federal Court of Appeal issued its unanimous judgment that an immigration officer’s decision rejecting Jeremy Hinzman’s application for permanent residence in Canada was “significantly flawed” and “unreasonable.” The Federal Court of Appeal decided that the Federal Court erred in a June 2, 2009 ruling by dismissing the application by U.S. Iraq war resister Jeremy Hinzman for judicial review of a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) Officer’s humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) grounds decision.